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About Us

About Us

Lionhearts is a youth bicycle racing team focused on cyclocross. We are all about fun, skill building, friendly competition, and a chance to make life-long bike friends.  We offer teaching, support and coaching at all levels, from the complete beginner to experienced, and even nationally and internationally competitive racers.  We want to help those who love riding their bikes to become highly skilled riders and effective racers.  Oh, and did we mention fun?

We believe cyclocross is the way to make all this happen.  In fact, we believe cyclocross can mainstream bicycle racing in the way soccer has become mainstream in the USA over 2 generations.  We love bikes of every kind and all of the various forms of riding and racing. But cyclocross has major advantages in fun, accessibility for all ages, safety, and skill development.

We are in our 20th year of doing this and the growth has been tremendous!  Ball sports are not for everyone and cyclocross is a fantastic alternative. 

We all need to move and be more active, none of us was made to sit as much as we do: Especially kids, and most especially boys. We have a mess of boys, and one of the biggest girls teams in the country.

Think about this.  In cyclocross, everybody rides.  Nobody sits on the bench.  Heck, we don’t even have a bench!  So come and ride with us.

What Is Cyclocross

What Is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross brings together the best of road racing, mountain biking and endurance /obstacle racing—it's the perfect racing sport for all ages and skill levels.


The course is off-road but there are sometimes portions of pavement included in the course. You can expect to encounter grass, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and a whole slew of other assortments and combinations. You may also find hills, sand pits and muddy sections that are too difficult or slow to ride, and thus a racer will shoulder their bike and run with it.


Cyclocross a sport that involves grabbing a bike, and navigating any type of terrain or obstacle, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It’s also an adventuresome style of riding, with a versatile bike that allows you to explore any gravel or dirt road, park or trail that you stumble upon.


How Do I Join Lionhearts Racing Team?

We are always looking to add new members to our team. Even if you've never raced cyclocross before, or are new to bike racing, we'd love to have you be a part of Lionhearts. Our club accepts racers of all skill level from ages 8 – 18.

Lionhearts believes in the development of great athletes and great kids. Our mission is to build character and discipline through the challenges of sport and competition. 

Get registered to become a part of Lionhearts to join in the fun, friendship and competition.

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